Are You Fundable – Get Heard by Investors

Are You Fundable – Are you Being Heard by Investors?

Am I fundableOur goal with Intelliversity’s “Are You Fundable” program is to see more innovations receive funding. Around 97% of new ideas and company growth plans are never funded.  This is unacceptable, as it’s not about the availability of money; it’s really about fear – investor fear.  Convert fear into trust.  Here’s how.

Funding is a little like a marriage.  Intelliversity has developed a three-stage process that is highly successful in overcoming investor fear of commitment, i.e. fear of loss, and then getting to funding.  Innovations and companies that have effectively completed all three stages of our program have been 100% successful in obtaining funding.

  • Stage 1 – Qualify
  • Stage 2 – Prepare
  • Stage 3 — Access

Think of this as a wedding cake, with Qualify as the base, Prepare as the middle level, and Access as that sweet top level.  You’ve got to cut through the base and middle levels first before getting a piece of the action.  OK, I know this is a rough analogy, but it serves the purpose.

Does that mean 100% of projects and companies that work with Intelliversity get funding? No. Not every idea is ready for a wedding. But we promise you’ll know where you stand and if this cake is for you.

Why Are We Doing the Are You Fundable Program?

We’re doing this because, like you, we’re tired of the arrogance of the investor community and the way you as innovator are treated; and we’re tired of the jungle of information about how to get funding, we’re tired of the excessive amount of fear displayed by investors and how few really important innovations get funding.  We intend to show you the respect that innovators deserve, and cut through the jungle of information and dissolve investor fear, clearing a pathway to funding if it’s at all possible.  Sound good?

In this article, our focus is on the first stage, for which we are offering scholarships for a limited number of companies. We’ll talk about stages two and three as well.

Stage 1: Qualify. Are You Ready for Investment?

I think everybody who is considering taking an idea to market and or has invented something, or wants to grow further has the core question, “Am I fundable?” People are hesitant to ask, but they really want to know, bottom line, will somebody put in the money needed for my idea or company to succeed and grow.

To help answer that initial question, Intelliversity has developed a two-step, self-assessment kit. The kit is a straightforward and illuminating. It contains two proprietary Scorecards that help you understand and assess the basics of being fundable as it applies to your project or company. The kit includes a guide that explains how to do the assessment.

The second step in this stage is a phone call review in which an Intelliversity funding advisor will go through your assessment from the perspective of an investor. Once you complete the Scorecards, you email them back and set up your call. The call itself is an hour, and your advisor will spend a great deal more time understanding your offer.

  • Before the call, he will review your assessment and gain an understanding of your project.
  • During the call, you will discuss the results and your plans in more detail. You will get unfiltered, valuable feedback about fundability.
  • After the call, you will receive a report to recap and next steps as appropriate.

When you complete this stage, you will have a deeper understanding of your project’s fundability and focused next steps. Not everyone will qualify for the next stage.

Cost: Full scholarship for a limited number of companies is available at this time.  This stage is normally $197 after the scholarships have been granted.

*If you move to the Stage 2, costs, if any, of Stage 1 will be applied.

Stage 2: Prepare to Meet Investors

This stage is a multi-step process that ensures you have the tools, resources and guidance you need to meet with investors (bona fide marriage candidates) and get funded.

In this stage, we apply the proprietary Blue Moon Capital Readiness assessment with a goal of scoring 925+ out of a possible 1000. It is the 925 score that has gotten 100% of the companies funded.

If you achieve the Blue Moon Capital Readiness score of 925 or higher, or at the discretion of your advisor, you are eligible for Stage 3.

Stage 2 has two steps:

Step 1:  Intelliversity’s FTF-400 program – Includes the Blue Moon Capital Readiness assessment and report described above, followed by a detailed strategy for capital acquisition.  This is documented on the site under programs.

What we address in this program essentially is fear – investors’ fear of loss and commitment.  There is plenty of money available seeking higher returns.  But you can’t access an investor’s “greed” button without first dealing with his or her fear of loss.  You’ve got to convert their fear into trust.  We show you how.  Then the checkbook is wide open.  That’s the straight path through the jungle.

Cost:  $2000 covers the FTF-400 program.

Step 2:  Complete preparation —  We will refer you to 3rd party specialists in funding documentation and presentation materials to maximize your chances of receiving funding, maximize your valuation and minimize the time to funding.

The cost of this, if any, will depend on how much preparation you’ve already done.

Stage 3: Access Investors

At this stage, you will not only have access to investors , but investors that are excited to hear about your project or company – and you will be armed with the skills, tools and methods to convert their fear into trust.

How is that possible?  You will be meeting the kind of investors that are seeking your type of innovation and naturally trust you, AND because they know you have been fully vetted and are prepared to present them with the right opportunity, which is part of the process of overcoming fear.  The other part of overcoming their fear is your ability to create a trusting relationship with investor types – which you CAN and WILL learn to do.  Remember this:  no investor will listen to your ideas and plans no matter how exciting until they trust you.  You’ve got to handle the personal trust issue first. 

Intelliversity does not charge for introductions when we make them.  To expand the road to funding, often involves 3rd  party introductions. 3rd parties may charge for road shows and tele-presentations. 3rd parties may also charge success fees (if they are a licensed broker-dealer) and post-funding you should expect to pay for ongoing investor relations.  We can give you an idea of what people charge for these services typically, given your company and what funding you need.

In conclusion – far too few great ideas and innovations are successful in gaining the funding they need. There is PLENTY of money looking for high returns.  The problem is investor fear – fear of loss and fear of commitment. Only AFTER you gain trust will your ideas and plans be heard.  There are definite, strategic ways to convert that fear into trust and trust into funding. 

Are You Fundable Kit Takeaway – Intelliversity is committed to raising the number of worthwhile innovations that make it through funding to the market from an unacceptable 3% to 50% or higher. If you are one of the 97% and you’ve discovered that it is nearly impossible to be heard by investors, then you’re reading this article at the perfect time.

Two steps to download our “Are You Fundable” Stage 1 kit and get heard: One, register as a Member with Intelliversity. Two, click on the “Are You Fundable” book cover to download the kit.