Arthur Lipper Addressed the Global Alternative Funding Forum

Arthur Lipper Addressed the Global Alternative Funding Forum

NOVEMBER 2, 2015; LOS ANGELES: Arthur Lipper, one of the world’s leading authorities on investing with royalties, will be a key speaker at the 4th annual Global Alternative Funding Forum, held November 6th, 2015 at the Century Plaza Hotel, Los Angeles.

Lipper’s solo address to the Forum, in TED format, is titled “Why Royalties are the Best Way of Investing in and Financing Early Stage Privately Owned Companies.”

Arthur Lipper is well-known on Wall Street and in global investing circles, and has led innovation in financial services for over 50 years. Arthur Lipper originated the Lipper Index and Lipper Mutual Fund Performance Analysis service and awards. He was a founder of two NYSE member firms, and in 1969 was the first to file a prospectus for a stock index fund. The Stock Average Fund was the basis for stock index funds. His Forward Contract Exchange Co. Ltd. in Amsterdam created the concept and was the first firm to trade stock index futures. As Editor-In-Chief of Venture, the Magazine for Business Owners and Entrepreneurs, he worked with hundreds of entrepreneurs and their investors, helping to understand the risks and rewards of investing in private companies.

“I’m happy to share some of what I’ve learned about finance, and specifically about royalties, through my research and direct interaction with companies seeking capital,” said Lipper. “The fundamental imbalance between investor and entrepreneur, in their needs and expectations, leads to the waste of a lot of time and resources. I want to help sound companies get the capital they need on reasonable terms, and help investors earn the results they deserve, based on the risk they take.”

Other key speakers in the Forum include David Weild, former vice chairman of NASDAQ; Maggie Chou, Assistant Vice President at OTC Markets; Ronald Miller and Rod Turner, of StartEngine and Manhattan Street Capital respectively, both experts in crowdfunding; David Josephson, Managing Director at EXIM Bank (LA); and Victoria Silchenko, CEO of Metropole Capital Group.

Victoria Silchenko, whose company is producing the Forum, said, “We are bringing together world-class technology innovators, next-generation investors, recognized authorities and the new players of Main Street, Wall Street, Silicon Valley, Silicon Beach and Washington D.C. They are transforming capital markets for small businesses and entrepreneurs.”

Key topics include the JOBS Act and Reg.A+ structures; Online Lending; Artificial Intelligence, Digital Currencies, Government Financing including EB-5 and DARPA; Angel Investing, Venture Capital, and Entertainment Finance, and Revenue Royalties.

Robert Steven Kramarz, a sponsor of the Forum and head of Intelliversity, a leading financial educational firm, said, “It’s vital for investors and business owners to stay current on how capital is being raised today, how great investors achieve outsized performance, and how risk and reward are fairly balanced. We’ve learned a great deal from Mr. Lipper about royalties as a new asset class, and look forward to learning more at this Forum.”

A private cocktail reception will follow the day-long event, which begins at 8:45 am. on Friday, November 6 in the West Side Ballroom at the Century Plaza Hotel, 2025 Avenue of the Stars, Los Angeles CA 90067.

Details about Arthur Lipper and his work on revenue royalties are available at A set of analytical tools, complemented by a library of Mr. Lipper’s work, is available at


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