Jericho Center of Medical Diplomacy – Breast Cancer Project Progress Report

By Robert Steven Kramarz / January 18, 2022

You may ask, “what does the topic of the Jericho Center for Medical Diplomacy have to do with this newsletter?” My answer. Nothing in my life has taken more innovation, required me to deal with more bias, and been the financing challenge of a lifetime! So hang in with me and find out the latest […]

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Elon Musk

Elon Musk Thinks Your Company Should Fail. Let’s Prove Him Wrong!

By Robert Steven Kramarz / January 5, 2022

Question:  After a bunch of calls/meetings with investors, why am I still hearing “No” and “Too early”?  Why does it seem to take dozens or hundreds of calls with investors? How many calls/meetings will it take to meet the right investor?  How can I reduce the number of calls/meetings needed to find the right investor? […]

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trust but verify

“Trust but Verify” – 10 Ways to Earn Financial Credibility With Lenders

By Robert Steven Kramarz / December 8, 2021

The clock is ticking. Your window of opportunity to dominate your niche, and raise capital, is closing all the time.   Let me help you beat the funding clock. I’ve been a VIP speaker for Credibility Nation this week, speaking on “financial credibility” so I thought I’d pass on to you some of the secrets that I’ve been […]

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business pivot Musk Starlink

What would Elon Musk Say about your Business Pivot?

By Robert Steven Kramarz / November 17, 2021

If you could ask Elon Musk for advice on your business pivot, you would. You already know that Mr. Musk is now the wealthiest business owner on the planet, leaving aside only the Queen of England and Vladimir Putin possibly.  By now it’s clear his success is not a matter of luck, succeeding as founder […]

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Get Funded Unique hero image woman in a crowd

Get Funded by Leveraging your Unique Personal Advantages

By Robert Steven Kramarz / November 3, 2021

Get funded by being unique. I’m going out on the edge with this blog, but I really believe I’m right here and you’ll benefit big time if I am.  So listen up. It took me a long time in my life to embrace that I’m different.  True I’m a white male with a middle-class background, […]

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Born with Every Disadvantage One Needs to Succeed – When Anger Works

By Robert Donnell / October 19, 2021

Sports can teach us a lot about raising capital.  That statement is unconventional like all of my posts.  Remember, as an entrepreneur raising capital, if you do what everyone else does, you’ll get the same results as everyone else does which is not much.  So pay attention. Meet Jim Abbot.  He was born without a […]

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Raising Capital for Women Led Companies

Raising Capital for Women Led Companies – Some Insights From Women

By Robert Steven Kramarz / October 12, 2021

We recently hosted a web meeting with a group of women CEOs and investors. The goals of the meeting were twofold: First, to determine if these women leaders experienced bias in fundraising. The second goal was to develop strategies to deal with stated bias. Here are 8 take-home lessons and observations. A bonus lesson is […]

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woman raising capital during her pitch

Women Raising Capital – Is There Bias?

By Robert Steven Kramarz / October 4, 2021

Many women CEOs raising capital believe that bias against women exists. We know that 90% of VCs are male. Our calculations show that 80% of angel investors are men.  So bias, whether deliberate or unconscious, could be expected. (Controversial) Question: Is there an actual bias against women entrepreneurs seeking investment? Continue reading to see why I […]

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Vision Mastery in Action - Jericho

Vision Mastery in Action – The Jericho Center – 3 Surprising Lessons

By Robert Steven Kramarz / September 28, 2021

This post covers a little-used yet very effective method of increasing funding for small yet high-impact ventures.  The secret is combining funding from both non-profit donors and for-profit investors.  This of course applies only to impact-driven ventures and only at early stages. The mystery is, exactly how do you do this while remaining both legal […]

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pitching myths

Three Pitching Myths That Kill Investor Interest

By Robert Steven Kramarz / September 13, 2021

With investors, the Rule of Three can make or break your funding. Passion. Product. Team. But there is a fourth element to that equation. Entrepreneurs tend to think pitching should embody one or even all three of those elements. But they would be wrong as they don’t understand myths that kill investor interest. There are […]

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