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The “NOT” Elon Musk Interview – Part 2

By Robert Steven Kramarz / August 29, 2020

This is the second in a series of “Not’ interviews with famous innovators. These interviews are many things. Unique, memorable, and designed to be packed with insights. To be a “Not “personality, the speaker must be exceptionally well versed about their innovator. To prepare, the speaker must listen to interviews, study their impact on innovation, […]

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Not Elon Musk

The “Not” Elon Musk Interview – Part 1

By Robert Steven Kramarz / August 20, 2020

This is the first in a series of “Not’ interviews with famous innovators. These interviews are special. They require our Not speaker to be exceptionally well versed about their character. The speaker must listen to numerous interviews or read extensively about the person they are emulating so they not only know them but so that […]

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Teaching Investors to Bet on You

By Robert Steven Kramarz / July 28, 2020

These are exciting and stressful times in the business world – especially for those who are looking for funding.  Everyone has to adapt to stay relevant, to succeed, but CEOs and Founders looking for funding have to be veritable contortionists. New businesses and projects have unique challenges in finding start-up and second-round capital in the […]

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Dr. Stephie Althouse with Robert Steven Kramarz

Ever Heard of Brilliance Extraction? Meet the Brilliant Creator Dr. Stephie Althouse

By Robert Steven Kramarz / July 9, 2020

Today our interview is with Vision Master, Dr. Stephie Althouse, a scientist by training, a professional consultant by design, a turn around specialist, the author of two books, and the creator of several innovative business processes that dramatically improve revenues. In this interview, we are talking to Dr. Stephie about one of her propriety methods, […]

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A Dynamic Duo – Amanda and Rick Pinkerman Vision and Execution Master Team

By Robert Steven Kramarz / June 23, 2020

There are many articles, courses, programs, marketing tools, professionals, consultants, and advisors that can help your company make money, increase profits, and zero in on your marketing to grow your business. But what about an almost invisible drain on your company income, the timewasting, and stress that comes with losses – especially after working so […]

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Vision Master Interview with Tony Drexel Smith

By Robert Steven Kramarz / June 16, 2020

This interview is of interest to CEOs, Founders, and Innovators seeking capital or looking for insight into the investor’s mindset in the hectic world of investing. Today’s guest prepares and rates companies to signal to investors that they are funding ready. Using Blue Moon Advisors’ unique methods, companies that go through their process and fulfill […]

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Vision Master Interview – Burke Franklin

By Robert Steven Kramarz / May 30, 2020

Some Vision Masters are gifted at seeing how trends shape the future. You may be one of them and not even know it. Today, we are talking to one such Vision Master. Burke Franklin has a unique grasp on what it takes in the present to make a business succeed in the future, especially if […]

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Interview with Venture Capitalist George Kenney: COVID Era – Navigating Investor’s Fear

By Robert Steven Kramarz / May 26, 2020

Investors are always driven by fear vs. profit. Surprised? This is true now more than ever, so learning how to overcome investor fear is key to getting funding. In this interview, George focuses on the emotional side of raising capital, teaching how to replace the fear of losing money with a comforting personal trust in […]

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Pivot Opportunities: An Interview with Futurist Mark Cofano

By Robert Steven Kramarz / May 18, 2020

This is a partial transcription of the video. Hi, this is Robert Steven Kramarz, Executive Director and co-founder of Intelliversity. And welcome to the Vision Master Podcast where I interview individuals who are vision masters or who serve vision masters. This morning, we have Mark Cofano, who’s the founder and chairman of Overture and The […]

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Get Unstuck – Tips for a PPP Loan Now and More

By Robert Steven Kramarz / April 4, 2020

Like usual, the Intelliversity blog gives you a practical tip or two for success as a Vision Master (a success-hack) and some general principles for vision masters, mostly around funding.  It’s all about being unconventional as a founder, because “If you behave like everyone else, you’ll get the same results as everyone else.” You may […]

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