Sourcing Peace & Family Unity Through Early Detection of Breast Cancer  

The Jericho Center of Medical Diplomacy is a non-profit organization created to advance peace in the middle east through medical initiatives. We do this by bringing much-needed medical innovation to transform the lives of individuals, families, and communities in cooperation with private companies and government.

We are bringing the technology of breast cancer early detection by a simple breath test and will be offering a nurturing convalescence environment. By eliminating the need for a mammogram for early detection, we are able to work within cultural and religious norms to diagnose women and save lives.

How can you help?

  • Gala Attendance! Buy a ticket below and attend our fun fundraising Galas with great information, auction, and raffle items.
  • Donate one or more personalized tiles to the Path of Peace as the Jericho Center is being built
      • Memorial Tile with photo - $75
      • Survivor Tile - $50
      • Family, Couple, or Individual Personalized Peace Tile - $50
  • Sponsor one or more women to participate in the breath screening clinical trial for early breast cancer detection - $25 each

Our first initiative is battling breast cancer for women who are often in stage three or four before their cancer is detected or treated. The outcome of late diagnosis is almost always dead, shattering the lives of countless families.


By ordering tiles to commemorate a loved one or to donate as a family, you are supporting the Jericho Project's initiative to save countless women from breast cancer that is detected too late.

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