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Top Notch CEO

Our specialty is to leverage your brilliance and make it immortal.

  • That means higher and more sustainable revenue, profit, and income.
  • It also means creating a greater impact from what you know and do best.
  • We also think it is quite okay to have more fun while doing it.
Busineess Power Tools

With this “toolbox” full of customizable software-driven financial, strategic, and operating tools that make life easier in all areas for starting, growing, and/or rebuilding your business.



Shepherd Ventures

Shepherd Ventures is a venture capital fund whose mission is to generate significant capital appreciation through first and later-stage investments in carefully selected, wisely shepherded growth companies in information technology and life sciences.

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PartnerHere is a community of like-minded bootstrappers who believe that people and ideas build companies, and we believe we are the best place on the web to start or grow your business- WITHOUT CASH! We are the only place to find partners and teammates who will accept alternative forms of compensation.

Accountability Pays

Pamela Stambaugh, has practiced as a Behavioral Change Master for over 30 years. She is a seasoned advisor to C-suite executives and senior HR professionals. As President and Founder of Accountability Pays, she delivers accountability coaching and leadership effectiveness training to elevate performance on what matters most.

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Most Change Agents cannot match my unique skills and knowledge.

They may not have the ability to adapt their solutions to meet the unique requirements of small or young vs. large, older businesses. Their solutions may be out-of-date and uninspired.

P5 Marketing

An SEO-centric digital marketing and sales agency. Leveraging the power of Inbound Marketing with automation and marketing platforms in today's web-based world.

Predict Success

Predict Success, established in 1999, is a consulting firm located in Southern California specializing in the use of online assessments to maximize organizational and individual success.

Tim Kelley

Tim Kelley guides powerful leaders who are called to transform their organizations and their industries. These influential thought leaders are shifting the direction of our society.  Are you one of them?

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Lucas Root is on a mission to help entrepreneurs and businesses succeed.  He creates a strategy that sets them up for success in a dynamic and changing world.

Revenue Royalties

Revenue Royalties Investment
Balanced Vision
Royalties are the better way of both investing in and financing private companies.

Vantera Partners briefcase

Vantera provides merchant banking and non-FINRA regulated corporate advisory services: restructuring, turnaround management, strategic planning, debt solutions, financial modeling and related services.

We have international experience with both private and public companies in Asia and Europe.