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Intelliversity's Contribution

The chart to the right indicates the percentage of involvement that Intelliversity plays in this project.

Intelliversity played an active role in the formation of the Brain-Body Research Institute as a non-profit corporation and Mr. Kramarz continues as Chairman and member of the Board of Directors.  Intelliversity continues to assist in fundraising, day-to-day management consulting and in the Institute's on-line presence.  Most important, Intelliversity plays a significant role as coach to the founders (Dr. Spengler and Dr. Ignatowski), enabling them to function effectively as full "vision masters." This is an example of Intelliversity's ability to transform a scientific vision into a success in the real world.

Non-profit setup and management
Fund raising activity
Online presence

The Team

Dr. Spengler

Dr. Robert Spengler, Executive Director

  • Principal Investigator for numerous projects in neuroimmunology
  • 74 peer-reviewed journal papers
  • Expert in the relationship between the immune and neurological systems
  • Discovered role of Tumor Necrosis Factor Alpha in mediating neuropathology
  • Pioneered use of anti-TNF compounds in mitigating neuropathology

Dr. Tracey Ignatowski, Managing Director

  • Assistant Professor of Pathology and Anatomical Sciences at University of Buffalo-SUNY
  • Co-discovered role of Tumor Necrosis Factor Alpha in mediating neuropathology
  • Expert in research project management
  • Editorial board member of 7 professional journals
  • Specialist in relationship between the immune and neurological systems
Rob Kramarz

Robert Steven Kramarz, Chairman of the Board

  • Specialist in non-profit management and finance
  • Executive Director of non-profit Intelliversity, the Innovation Accelerator for the Real World
  • Previously CFO of non-profit The Torch Foundation
  • Author of the book Born to Star about the benefits of diverse leadership styles in growing companies and non-profits
  • Author of hundreds of articles and "Your Vision Master Podcast" dealing with finance for innovators
Leonard Chaikind

Leonard Chaikind,
Board of Advisors

  • Len Chaikind has an extensive background in oil and gas international relations, including
  • Worked for Royal Dutch Shell Plc for over 35 years.
  • Founded Institutional Investors Consulting Company IICC
  • Better World Foundation
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