Carbon Sequestration at Scale -- Using Trees

Planting a trillion trees and using the lumber for housing while sequestering carbon permanently

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Grow a Trillion Trees

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Sequester Carbon Permanently

Intelliversity's Contribution

The chart to the right indicates the percentage of contribution supplied by Intelliversity.

On behalf of Mighty Fire Breaker, a company that supplies essential technology to permanently seal carbon in lumber by protecting against fire and decay, and whose founder Steve Conboy first suggested using this technology to sequester carbon, Intelliversity is leading an effort to apply for the Carbon Removal XPrize sponsored by Elon Musk.  This is an example of Intelliversity's contribution, in close collaboration with innovation leaders such as Mighty Fire Breaker, to promote realistic science-based solutions for the world's most challenging problems.

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Steve Conboy

Steve Conboy - Founder, Mighty Fire Breaker

Steve is an award-winning business innovator and a longtime supporter of carbon-neutral building methods. In business, he uses applied fire science to reduce the risk of property loss while reducing toxic greenhouse gas production from wildfires. His approach to wildfire risk reduction is to harden structures before a wildfire event occurs.  These same methods when applied to raw lumber enable long-term carbon sequestration.  By constructing buildings (both single-family and high-rise residential, as well as commercial structures) using fire-protected and decay-resistant lumber, not only is carbon captured in the lumber, but the reduction in concrete and steel usage reduces carbon footprint further.  This leads to an XPrize solution for carbon sequestration.

Steve is the inventor of what may be the safest, yet durable, chemical fire inhibitor. It is safe for humans, animals, and the environment based on scientific testing and sustainable, eco-friendly ingredients that are listed in databases of the FDA, EPA, and ECHA (European Chemicals Agency). The main ingredients are biodegradable, non-toxic substances used by the food industry. Steve’s passion to defend human exposure to chemicals stems from the fact that his father died from exposure to chemicals that his father was told were safe while serving in the Navy.

As a respected authority for carbon sequestration, he has spoken twice at the United Nations and World Trade Conference.

Rob Kramarz

Robert Steven Kramarz - Application coordinator

Mr. Kramarz co-led the Environmental Action Council at the California Institute of Technology in the early days of the "ecology" movement.  He brings an ability to coordinate a team of experts to ensure that this XPrize solution genuinely solves the problem of carbon sequestration in a sustainable way.

Liz Wood

Elizabeth Wood -- CFO, Mighty Fire Breaker

Liz is a certified public accountant, certified information technology professional and certified fraud examiner who has brought people, process, controls and technology solutions to entities in media, esports, nonprofit government contracting, professional and personal services, and financial services. 

She has architected scalable financial and operational strategies to enable growth and expansion into new markets for companies ranging in size from 3 to 750 employees. She has served as a key executive team member in the formation and operation of 11 startups/new ventures and has proven experience managing remote teams. She served as managing partner of several limited liability companies and has overseen over $14 billion of transactions conducted in highly regulated environments subject to complex U.S. and foreign financial, tax, and compliance requirements. 

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