Who We Serve

Intelliversity was formed to honor and support innovators whose ideas impact the world in a positive way.

Our products and services best serve the needs of for-profit businesses at this time. This is because for-profit businesses are inherently the most efficient at creating innovations and because their success can be most easily measured. Organizations in the nonprofit, religious, political and government sectors are not the primary focus of our attention at this time, but may benefit from what we offer anyway.

We also recognize that innovators are found in many places: new startups, emerging growth companies, divisions and teams within established companies and increasingly in joint ventures. All of these types of organizations are included in our mission.

When we say “innovators” we are referring both to the originators of ideas (scientists, inventors and entrepreneurs) and all the team members who further their visions – engineers, developers, marketers, operations people, human resource people, finance people and so on. Both the originators and the teams that support them are included in our mission.