For 2017 – My Wishes to you for Using Royalties To Make Lives Better

Revenue Royalties by Arthur LipperFor 2017 – Wishes for Those Using Royalties To Make Their and the Lives of Others Better

I wish that business owners needing additional capital to grow the revenues of their business faster will discover that selling a royalty is the best way of financing a business without sharing ownership and control of the business.

I wish that business owners finding the results are even better than those projected will be able to use the redemption right permitted in the royalty and terminate the payment obligation while still providing a good investment for the royalty investor.

I wish that cautious investors seeking higher returns would come to understand how much less risk there is in royalties than other alternative forms of investment.

I wish that aggressive investors use leverage in the acquisition of a portfolio of royalties due to the lessened risk of delinquency and default due to the structure and selection of royalty’s issuers.

I wish that those wishing to spur the growth of a community will recognize that supplying additional capital to privately owned companies in the area of interest stimulates a range of positive results.

I wish that private company owners having sold stock to investors will learn how to use royalties to regain full ownership of the business through a royalties/equity swap.

I wish that more financially sophisticated and fairly oriented people would become managers of royalty income funds. These funds can be focused on buying royalties from companies active in desired industrial or geographic areas.

I wish that business owners will consider the full range of personally benefitting prerogatives available when the obligations of being a fiduciary are removed through the capital raising use of royalties.

I wish that pension and retirement fund trustees and other fiduciaries will recognize that royalties issued by well managed privately owned companies better meet their needs for growing income with minimal risk than any other alternative form of investment.

I wish that royalty-issuing companies recognized that paying a license fee and using the patented approach of British Far East Holdings Ltd. would encourage investors to accept more favorable terms from the issuer.

I wish that it will all happen in the next 12 months as there are so many people who will be advantaged by embracing royalties, the better way of both investing in and financing of businesses.

Lastly, I wish that you and yours will experience good health and good business in 2017.


Arthur Lipper,
Chairman British Far East Holdings Ltd.

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