Purpose - The Triumph of Innovation

Intelliversity, "The Leadership Academy for Entrepreneurs - Led by Investors," is a 501(c)3 non-profit education and research academy that supports for-profit innovation seeking to make an impact on the world.

Short-term, Intelliversity’s purpose is to see that innovators and their impactful businesses become unstoppable and win.  Our immediate purpose is to equip a select group of impactful businesses with the tools needed for capital and revenue growth.

Long-term, our purpose is to see that privately-funded innovation succeed on a much larger scale than today, unlimited by scarcity of funds.  Not only does this provide economic prosperity, but through the impact of innovative solutions, many of our urgent challenges in health, food, water, energy, transportation, housing and education will be addressed.

Intelliversity’s Mission

Funding and Execution Mastery for Innovators

Intelliversity’s mission is to assist innovators to gain the specific funding and execution mastery needed to win. To this end, it offers online courses, tools, publications and mentoring, guided by its own research and in partnership with other aligned experts.

Intelliversity provides practical resources in two areas that innovators are most often lacking:

1) Funding Mastery: the ability to raise funds in innovative ways, in a time of rapid change – with a special emphasis on sustainable financing methods such as revenue royalties -- rewarding investors quickly, without relying on an unpredictable exit and without founders giving up control.

2) Execution Mastery:  the ability to select and lead a powerful sales and marketing team with a special emphasis on rapidly increasing revenues.

In order to be successful in serving innovators, we seek to offer only world-class resources.  All resources are carefully vetted for integrity and proven results.  We carefully select our partners to be aligned with our purpose AND to be extraordinarily effective in what they teach.

Because change is accelerating in every area -- technology, finance and business culture – a resource we provide must also be innovative in its own right.  So part of our mission is to offer innovative funding methods and innovative execution methods. That’s why we feature financing by means of Revenue Royalties -- because it’s a funding method that suits our times.

In addition, part of our mission is carry out our own independent research in the areas of funding mastery and execution mastery.  For example, we have observed that there is a strong correlation between the constituents of a leadership team and the success of a company.  This observation has been documented in our blog but requires more thorough research to be most effective.  Research will help us serve our innovative clients.

Intelliversity’s Vision

The New Enlightenment

The world is currently engulfed in deadly conflict, driven largely by religious and political beliefs with no basis in reality.  This is unacceptable to us.

After all is said and done, Intelliversity will leave the world a much better place - an optimistic place where children see an unlimited future. Confidence in reason, science and free markets will guide us.  In this exciting world, a flood of new capital from private sources will become available for impactful entrepreneurs and for scientific research.  A new generation of investors will do well while doing good. Thousands of innovative impactful businesses will thrive and make a difference. A new generation of innovation leaders will see their visions triumph and personally prosper.  This world is being born all around you and you can be part of this future now.

Eventually, as Gene Roddenberry and Carl Sagan saw, a new age of enlightenment emerges where scientific exploration emerges as humanity's unifying purpose, enabling a sustainable world (maybe galactic?) community.  Share this vision with us.  Why not?