Intelliversity and our Mission

Welcome to the Intelliversity website. We care about your future as an innovator and as an executive. We hope you will explore this website and find much to support you here.

We provide many valuable tools throughout the site, however, below are links to a sampling of the ones we feel are of particular – and often immediate – value to many of our members, here for your quick access:

Larry and Barry Decide to Raise Capital – an introduction to raising capital without debt or equity

10 Red Flags that Scare Away Investors – based on interviews with investors

Fast Funding Sources – sources of non-debt, non-equity financing

Intelliversity Revenue Royalties Readiness Scorecard – to see how ready you are for non-debt non-equity financing

The Intelliversity Executive Team Scorecard – to see how your team would measure up to investors

Our eBook “The Road Less Traveled ” – the story of Revenue Royalties

The Intelliversity Funding Scorecard – to quickly determine how well your company would score in front of any angel or VC investor

The Intelliversity “Guide to Extraordinary Leadership” – the most important eBook ever written about entrepreneurial leadership, revealing the ONE factor that separates the winners from the losers in new businesses.