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Story Pitching Workshop
Funding Secrets Revealed

By Robert Steven Kramarz / September 19, 2022

In this revealing post, Robert Steven Kramarz (Rob) discusses the Story Pitching workshop and how these revolutionary insights can dramatically alter your relationships with investors and your ability to raise capital. Everyone is looking for the “magic formula” for funding innovation. Congratulations! You just discovered it.  Connect with Rob to get the full scoop and […]

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nobody studios

Mark McNally
Vision Master and Investor in one

By Robert Steven Kramarz / August 29, 2022

In this fascinating interview, Robert Steven Kramarz (Rob) interviews Mark McNally of Nobody Studios.  He starts with Mark’s background (unique is an understatement).  What also interested Rob is Mark’s skills and an entrepreneurial Vision Master as well as an initial investor. Mark truly understands both parts of the Vision Master “formula.” You will learn a […]

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Burke Franklin of Business Power Tools
Interviews Rob on Story Pitching To Investors

By Robert Steven Kramarz / August 9, 2022

In this unique interview, Burke Franklin talks with Robert Steven Kramarz (Rob) about his course on Story Pitching Investors. Burke is the creator of Business Power Tools and author of Business Black Belt and has been helping young, innovative companies to scale for almost 40 years. His proprietary methodology results in better processes and faster […]

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storypitching hero

Story Pitching Interview
with Rob and Dr. Stephie

By Robert Steven Kramarz / August 2, 2022

In a “turnaround is fair play”, Dr. Stephie Althouse interviews Robert Steven Kramarz as they discuss Story Pitching and how taking a different approach can help raise much needed capital.       Hi, all you Vision masters out there. This is Robert Steven Kramarz, executive director of Intelliversity, the innovation accelerator for the real […]

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Jeff Barnes, CEO of Angel Investors Network

Meet Jeff Barnes
Innovative, In The Know CEO Of
Angel Investors Network

By Robert Steven Kramarz / July 25, 2022

Join Jeff Barnes and me while we look at the powerful effects of understanding the psyche and psychology of investors. Need help getting in front of investors and raising capital? Jeff Barnes has been bringing entrepreneurs together with angels and sharks for over two decades! Most important, he knows how to deal with their unique […]

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Joe Milam - AngelSpan

Meet Investor Joe Milam of AngelSpan

By Robert Steven Kramarz / June 23, 2022

Like me, Joe has found that the character and motivations of the founders of a business are more decisive than the business itself (technology, product, market, business model, etc.), mostly because businesses and markets change quickly, while the leaders don’t change quickly.  The leaders have to have the right character and motivations to be able […]

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Stan Solomonson Investor

Meet Investor Dr. Stan Solomonson – Food, The Future and The Environment

By Robert Steven Kramarz / May 19, 2022

This week’s interview is with a man that had extraordinary experience and advice to pass on to you. Stan has committed his life to creating ways to make food and the environment work for the future. Take some of the lessons around success and failure from a veteran of living a life that works. As […]

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Delight Investors With Brilliance Mining

By Robert Steven Kramarz / April 20, 2022

This is a powerful interview with a “Brilliance Miner” with a unique perspective on harnessing brilliance in Vision Masters to create trust with investors.  This process simplifies daily operations and improves scalability… Watch, read, and act! VIDEO TRANSCRIPT Robert Steven Kramarz: Hi there. This is Robert Steven Kramarz, founder of Intelliversity, the host of your […]

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Rick Girard Interview

Avoid Killing Your Company and Scaring Investors With Bad Hires

By Robert Steven Kramarz / April 7, 2022

  What follows is the transcript of my recent video interview with Rick Girard This is a powerful interview with a “disruptor” with a unique perspective on hiring.  Watch, read, and act! This interview grew out of my conversations with founders who shared that their greatest fear was the hiring of the wrong people.  They […]

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Seasoned Investor Shares A Surprising Viewpoint That Creates Reliable ROI

By Robert Steven Kramarz / March 15, 2022

  What follows is the transcript of my recent video interview with Rob Hanna, a prolific Angel investor focusing on women-led companies and diverse founding teams, nationwide. He believes that women founders represent an enormous untapped, underrepresented market for investors. Mr. Hanna’s criteria for selecting investors reflect his unique style.  He seeks high-energy innovators who […]

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