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In this revealing post, Robert Steven Kramarz (Rob) discusses the Story Pitching workshop and how these revolutionary insights can dramatically alter your relationships with investors and your ability to raise capital.

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Robert Steven Kramarz:
Hi everybody, this is Robert Steven Kramarz, Executive Director of Intelliversity, The Innovation Accelerator for the Real World, and this is your Vision Master podcast. With that in mind, I want to tell you a quick story about a woman who came to me a couple of weeks ago; she’s the head of an innovative tech company and is experiencing nothing but frustration in raising more capital for scaling the company.

She’s getting wait, wait, wait, and no callbacks or very few callbacks, and when she does get a suggestion that there might be a deal, it’s at a much lower valuation than she could accept. This is a very frustrating process. So I suggested that she stop communicating, stop pitching like everybody else does, and start using a more personal, intimate way of communication called Story Pitching. Use stories as the basis for communication with investors rather than a fact-based pitch.And this innovative style she’s been using for the last couple of weeks, and she’s getting nothing but callbacks, requests for additional meetings and stories that investors are talking to each other about her and the business, and a couple of good term sheets already with a reasonable valuation. So, it could be nothing but good news shortly, and I’m looking forward to this.

Now the question is, how can you take advantage of the same methodology? That’s what I’m about to tell you.Now I’m just assuming that you are also an innovator seeking capital, and as an innovator seeking capital, you need to expand, launch, scale, or pivot. You need personnel resources, continuing product development, and marketing, and you’re racing against the clock because every business has a window of opportunity. If you can’t fund soon enough, you’ll miss the clock. Based on that, hold on, why isn’t it switching?

There we go. I am not going to re-record this. You are experiencing nothing but dead-end leads, “Not now” responses, or no responses at all. You experience waiting, waiting, waiting, and when you get a proposal or a term sheet, the valuation is not what you expect. This is a painful process, and I do not want you to experience this pain anymore.

So, I know that it’s primarily got to do with the premises or the myths that we all accepted about pitching years ago and how we have been coached by business coaches for years, that long periods of endless meetings will be necessary to get the one out of a hundred that wants your business, that a beautiful pitch deck filled with details and fancy graphics and lots of facts is essential. Still, you’ve got to argue in favor of exactly how much money the investors will make, that you have to impress them with how smart you are and how brilliant your products are.

And above all, the people you’re pitching to are themselves, logical individuals that are listening and that they’re logical. These are not correct assumptions, these are myths that are not true, but they lead you down the wrong path. So what if you were to accept the opposite of these myths? Then what would that lead you down? What kind of pitching would you have to do?

That’s what we want to talk to you about here because without it; you’re going to continue to be lost in the woods with the frustration, with the self-doubt, with the stress, with the lack of sleep, and with a constant fear that time is running out for the window of opportunity that you have. This is not the way I want you to live, but I am available as a guide now. When this is over, go ahead and make an appointment with me, and we will talk about how to use Story Pitching to break through because there is a genuine way out.

Fewer meetings, a higher “Yes,” rate, maybe a yes every time to a second meeting at least because you get to beat the funding clock and you get to do so with a valuation that you can live with or even better than you expected. Now, this method of using stories is nothing new about it. It’s a new method in the world of technology, but it’s an ancient method when it comes to communication; after all, most of the history of the human race has been passed down from generation to generation in the form of stories.

It’s fun; it’s a method that’s ready now. I can show you how to translate your fact-based pitch into intriguing, interesting, exciting stories that will be easily memorized and remembered by your investors. And this is a method you can adopt quickly because you already have the information and are wired to tell stories.

And when you do so, you’ll find yourself out of the woods. You’ll get the money you need on time, so you don’t miss your window. You’ll get a great valuation; you’ll hear things like, “Job well done,” you’ll be able to say to yourself, “I did a good job, I can do it,” and you’ll have the fun of celebration and the good night’s sleep afterward.

But exactly how do the story pitching and storytelling do this? Well, it does this because we are, as I said before, pre-wired to tell and listen to stories and so that we can use that to evoke trust between you and the listener, to stimulate excitement, to create intrigue, and thereby to get more meetings and with a certain level of virality that is to say where, because stories are easy to remember and repeat, the investors will be tempted to tell the same stories to others, to their colleagues and other investors.

So the number of meetings you’ll have to go to will be reduced and go down, and might even go away entirely. As I’ve experienced several times in my career, I often hear about good deals from other investors than from the innovator themselves. Still, you must be able to stimulate that kind of viral activity. And you do that with Story Pitching, and that’s the general topic for how to create the kind of irresistible pitch that investors can’t help but talk about.

I’m not the only one who has recommended this method. You’ll hear it in Ted Talks; nowadays, TED Talks don’t even allow you to talk unless you tell stories. You’ve probably heard about Building a Story Brand from Donald Miller; you probably read Made to Stick, which was all about storytelling and Pitch Anything. This is an uber-popular book on how to pitch using stories and psychological techniques that I just read and think are fascinating.

So to get started with Story Pitching so you can bring this into your life and catch the window of opportunity, make an appointment with me at, talk to me personally, and we’ll see if there’s a good fit. I will give you a substantial discount. If you just register online, you won’t get that discount.

I’m trying to give you an incentive to call and actually create a relationship and do it quickly because we’re starting a new cohort this week. I’d like you to be part of it, and I’ll also be able to give you some videos of testimonials of those that have gone before.

Do so; I look forward to hearing from you at; this is Robert Steven Kramarz, Executive Director of intelliversity, the Innovation Accelerator for the Real World, and this is your Vision Master podcast, and I’m signing off with “That’s the way it will be.”