Author and Innovator Craig Slavin Joins Intelliversity Faculty

Craig Slavin

Author and Innovator Craig Slavin Joins Intelliversity Faculty

Intelliversity is pleased to announce our newest faculty member, Craig Slavin. His eBook, Entrepreneurship is Full of B.S., makes a unique contribution to the Intelliversity free online library.  We also welcome his company, Navigator System Solutions LLC, as an Intelliversity Partner.

This powerful eBook builds on the principals of behavioral science (B.S) in business. In his bookCraig talks about The Navigator™ Assessment which he created. It offers breakthrough insights into personal development and the design of teams for entrepreneurial success. It was designed specifically to have be business focused vs. similar tests like DISC personality profile and the Myers-Briggs personality tests.

“Entrepreneurs are not successful because they do so many things right!  They are successful because they don’t do enough things wrong.  The Navigator provides insights on how to eliminate mistakes,”  stated new faculty member Craig Slavin.

Where the Navigator is unique from other tests is its focus on skills, values, and behavior and is constructed as a “Normative” assessment. This means questions are asked and responded to it in terms of applicability to how the respondent thinks and feels about the question.

Other assessments are considered a “forced choice” assessments where surveyors are given specific questions with pre-set answers to list in order of relevance.  A “forced choice” assessment is not as effective in team building and benchmarking for successful employee selection.

“We selected Craig as a faculty member because investable businesses have well-balanced executive teams, balanced in terms of leadership skills and styles. The only way to ensure balance is through a professional executive assessment like The Navigator. We’ve found The Navigator to be remarkably accurate yet easy to use.  For this reason, we welcome Craig to our faculty and Navigator System Solutions to our family of partners,” commented Robert Steven Kramarz, Executive Director.

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Please welcome Craig to our faculty and his eBook to our library. You can enjoy an excerpt from his book here.

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