Story Pitching – Self-Guided Course 

A Vision Master Course from Intelliversity 

For Innovative Founders Frustrated with Seeking Capital 

The Self-Guided course is not currently available. Please consider the Guided Course instead.

Do you think that raising capital depends on: 

  1. The number of meetings you hold 
  2. The brilliance of your product 
  3. The future size of your company
  4. Your pitch deck
  5. How much money the investor will make? 

Believing these myths results in working too hard and running out of time. 

The truth is: Trust in you is the most important factor when raising capital. 

Story Pitching is all about building trust, and more.  Work smarter not harder: 

  • Create trust! 
  • Create a desire for another meeting 
  • Become memorable 
  • Pass due diligence with your valuation intact 
  • Raise capital while you still have time 

What you will get from Story Pitching 

  1. Discover why trust is more important than your product or service 
    • Learn how to get investors to trust you 
    • Learn the seven types of trust 
    • Discover how trust determines company valuation 
  2. Master the 14 stories for pitching
    • Learn the elements of power stories to intrigue and excite 
    • Learn how to make your stories viral, so investors go out and tell others 
    • Discover how to easily tell whether your stories are working
    • Compose your own stories and get feedback for the top 4 types of stories
    • Integrate your stories into your pitch deck
  3. A bonus: Discover other ways to establish trust with investors
    • Establish trust instantly in a way almost no one dares to use
    • A method to keep and build trust continuously with investors 
  4. More bonuses:  discover ways to save time and get to funding
    • How to make sure a second meeting happens 
    • How to make sure your desired valuation is believable 
    • How to make sure you get through due diligence with minimal issues 

In sum, you’ll learn to rapidly build trust with investors.  Enhance your chances to get funding without wasting your time on hundreds of unsuccessful meetings.  Keep your desired valuation.  Avoid rejection while in due diligence.  Don’t miss your window.  Take the fast-track to funding. Enjoy Story Pitching. 

Story Pitching is equally powerful in closing major account sales and partnerships and hiring key employees.  Your business will grow in every way with Story Pitching. 

What's the difference?

The Self-Guided Course and Guided Workshop present the same material.  The advantages of the Workshop are: 

  1. You get feedback and ideas from other participants on your stories and pitch 
  2. You get personal guidance from Mr. Kramarz 
  3. You get an extra hour of personal coaching from Mr. Kramarz 
  4. The material is customized for the participants as you go along 
  5. Meeting with a group keeps you motivated 
  6. You make new relationships with other founders 

Your Guide 

Robert (Rob) Steven Kramarz, founder of Intelliversity (a non-profit corporation), longtime angel investor, VC partner, serial entrepreneur, author, social scientist and popular newsletter-author on LinkedIn (see He has raised capital for his own companies and guided many others to do it.  Rob is committed to the success of innovative founders (“vision masters”) to make a difference in the world.  He teaches how to Innovate your way out of pitching hell by using stories to create excitement, intrigue, virality, and the most potent -- trust. 

Recommended Schedule 

Story Pitching – Self-Guided Course contains four sections, each with 10 lessons.  You can take in all this material in a period of a month (2 lessons per day) or stretch it out if you prefer. 


  • Regular price: $497 per company.  

Tell your team 

“Stories raise capital! We need to learn how to write and deliver them.” 


Get into Story Pitching by speaking with Rob. 

Course Information

Estimated Time: 4 Weeks

Difficulty: Advanced

Course Instructor

Robert Steven Kramarz Robert Steven Kramarz Author
  • Enrollment in this course closed on 12/01/2022.

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