Fast Track to Funding

Interactive Webinar (FTF-300)   Cost:  $975

It’s all about trust

FTF-300 is an interactive webinar for groups of innovators.  It covers the same territory as our Individualized Program (FTF-400), except it does not include company-by-company preparation for funding and fundraising. Instead, you’ll see how we do this for a few example companies.

To review, the three-phase process for raising capital by evoking trust:

Qualify - Prepare - AccessIf you’ve received this document, you’ve probably completed phase 1 and you’re qualified to raise capital.  So, it’s time for Stage 2 – Prepare.  The proper preparation generates trust and trust wins the funding.

As an innovator, this preparation is built upon our respect for your sacrifices (time, money, relationships, reputation).

Intelliversity shows you how to prepare for funding in a way that has succeeded every time because it is built on that one essential element:  trust.

To evoke trust, there are four steps:

  • Determine how well-prepared you are now: We’re taking advantage of a method provided by partner firm Blue Moon Advisors — a due diligence expert.  Clients of Blue Moon have a perfect track record of getting funding desired IF they score well on their proprietary Capital Readiness Report:

Companies that score above 925 out of 1000 always receive required funding, because their high level of preparation generates trust.

Discovering this, Intelliversity is licensed to score the Blue Moon Capital Readiness Report. In FTF-300, as a group webinar, you’ll get to witness how we do this scoring and what investors will look for during the due diligence process. And you’ll see how the Capital Readiness Report helps generate trust even before you meet an investor.

  1. Clear the path: Intelliversity recognizes there’s a jungle of information about funding out there, and we cut right through it – cutting through the underbrush of confusion – leaving a clear path.

To do this, we provide a proven funding strategy. This strategy includes determining one or more tranches of capital you need.  Each tranche will be characterized as follows:

  • The amount of capital to be raised
  • The proposed use of funds
  • The proposed risk-reducing milestone this will reach
  • The asset class to be used (such as equity, debt, convertible debt, revenue participation, SAFE, liquidity futures, or advance product purchase)
  • The source of the capital (crowdfunding, customers, angels, VCs, etc.)

This multi-tranche strategy eliminates the mystery of the capital process and shows that you are clear about your goals and know what investors expect.

As a group webinar, we’ll demonstrate this multiple tranche strategy with one or more sample companies and you’ll understand how it’s done.

2. Learn how to relate to investors personally so that you evoke trust

You’ll get comfortable with generating trust (“pressing the trust button”) BEFORE you present your investment opportunity (“pressing the greed button”).

3. Get moving: We’ll demonstrate how to develop a plan for you to follow to raise the funding needed.

Taken together, Fast Track to Funding – Interactive Webinar takes your side as an innovator so that your experience of the funding process is predictable – because you will know how to evoke trust in your investor candidates.

What follows is a more detailed description of Intelliversity’s Fast Track to Funding – Interactive Webinar program:

  • Fast Track to Funding —
  • Interactive Webinar (FTF-300) —
  • Trust is the Key


  • Find out the minimum preparation needed to generate trust
  • Cut through the jungle of information so you know how to generate trust
  • Get into effective action to generate trust and generate the capital you need


  1. How to score your preparation for due diligence (using the Blue Moon Capital Readiness Report). You’ll see how it’s done.
  2. Providing a multiple-tranche funding strategy: You’ll review all the various asset classes you can use, and all the various investor communities you can use to access investors.  Then you’ll see how to combine this information into a brilliant strategy to raise the capital you need.  This strategy generates trust through clarity and competence.
  3. Detailed discussion on what investors really look for in you and how to generate trust
  4. Project Planning: You’ll see and hear how to lay out the tactical timeline for funding



  • Examples of revenue projections that investors will trust
  • Examples of team-building plans that investors will trust
  • Ideas for growing revenue while you’re raising capital


  • Tools for assessing prospective members of your management team
  • Introduction to faculty on our team who can help
  • A tool for investor relations
  • A tool for team communications
  • A tool for project management

Based on the key ingredient of trust, let Fast Track to Funding – Interactive Webinar (FTF-300) remove the overwhelm, getting you on a clear path to your financing objectives, while putting a little fun back into the process.

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