Fast Track to Funding Program

Individual Coaching Program (FTF-400)

Intelliversity is proud and pleased to offer a path to funding that has succeeded every time

This is enabled by Intelliversity’s membership in the Blue Moon Consortium (a consortium of advisors and investors) which has a perfect track record for those companies that score well on their Blue Moon Capital Readiness assessment.  Intelliversity is now licensed to deliver and score the Blue Moon Capital Readiness assessment.

In addition, the Put the Fun back in Funding program gives you a service unique to Intelliversity:  a thorough funding strategy. This eliminates the mystery and overwhelm of the capital process and gets you swiftly to your goal.

Taken together, Put the Fun back in Funding is Intelliversity’s way of taking the side of innovators (you and your team) so that your experience of the capital raising process is straightforward, even enjoyable, and respectful of your sacrifices and your vision.


Companies that score above 925 out of 1000 on the Blue Moon Capital Readiness assessment have always gotten required funding. 


  • Cut the through the jungle of information on business funding
  • Eliminate the overwhelm
  • Get into effective action
  • Raise the money you need

The Program Covers:

  1. Multiple tranche campaigns: How much to raise in each tranche, use of funds, a milestone to reach, asset class to use, and source for each tranche.
  2. Assessment of preparation (Blue Moon Capital Readiness scoring)
  3. Essential preparation (documentation and grooming) before introduction to investors
  4. Introduction to investors through Blue Moon Consortium and other channels


  • A revenue projection that investors will believe
  • A team-building plan that investors will love
  • Ideas for growing revenue while you’re raising capital
  • A commitment to a sequence of actions, including next steps


  • Coaching on what investors really look for and how to relate to them
  • Tools for scoring potential team members
  • Introduction to faculty on our team who can help
  • Tools for investor relations, team communications, and project management

Let this program and Intelliversity’s team remove the overwhelm of the capital formation process, getting you on a clear path to your financing objectives, while putting a little fun back into the process.

So, get started!  Click the START button below and book a 30-minute time slot with me.

Make sure you have downloaded the “Are You Fundable” self-assessment kit from the library and completed the two forms in the kit.

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