Intelliversity Pricing

Intelliversity believes in transparency and pricing is a key part of it.
We coach Vision Masters how to sell themselves and their ideas which makes us stand out in the world of raising capital.
We want you to understand why we publish the information we do.
1. We help innovative companies with raising capital. By funding businesses that can change the world, we make a difference.
The vast majority of our content is free, including an initial coaching call, and part of the mission as a 501(c)3 LLC.

Our Blog "Ideas in Action"

This information, including our blogs, guides, and eBooks is always free. We also offer a free one-hour consultation on investor access.

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2. Our free information is general in nature.  Our paid programs are specific to your opportunities.
3. We offer group courses starting at $400 for companies and individuals raising capital.
4. We provide 1:1 coaching beginning at $2,000.
5. We offer custom programs by request
All fees received go to further our nonprofit activities.