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# 1 Press Release Announcement of Jericho Project

#2 Jericho Center of Medical Diplomacy to Screen and Treat Breast Cancer in the Middle East (Press Release #2 on LinkedIn – please comment and share!)


Video Transcript  

Welcome to the new world of progress, mutual respect, and good health. This is possibly the most transformative, innovative initiative that stands to bring continuing peace to the middle east.

I’m Robert Steven Kramarz, executive director of Intelliversity, the “innovation accelerator for the real world.” For example, we work with venture capitalists to make sure that the most amount of capital is transferred to the most effective founders — those we call Vision Masters – those rare men and women that do not just envision the future but make it happen.

Our most important health diplomacy project now is Project, Jericho. This ground-breaking project is based upon the fact that collaboration in healthcare is made possible by a common language – the language of medicine. Healthcare also has a common culture; the culture of evidence-based science, and a common set of felt needs. These needs include the need for greater vitality and reduced suffering for ourselves, our families, and our communities. With this in mind and inspired by Abraham Accords, we now think that four major goals are possible:

  • Greater win-win economic growth throughout the Islamic Middle East
  • Higher levels of medical outcomes throughout the Islamic Middle East
  • Knowledge transfer of the latest treatments to these ends
  • Where possible, conversations that may lead to peace agreements that were not possible before

We’re proposing a modern medical tourism facility to be constructed in or near the town of Jericho, which as you may know is something of an oasis in the Jordan River Valley. It’s to be staffed entirely by Palestinian doctors, nurses, and assistants. It will be informed by science from the United States, Israel, and elsewhere. It will provide the most advanced cancer care and it will serve the entire Arabic-speaking Middle East, including both the Gulf States, Palestine West Bank in Gaza, North Africa, Jordan, and the other countries.

Now, we understand that such a health diplomacy – or medical diplomacy – the project is very challenging, so we’re were at C3 Summit to request advice, your feedback, your suggestions, your ideas, and, if possible, your assistance. We also invite you to consider that your own goals and your own projects be achievable in the real world so that we can also call you a “vision master.”

Thank you for your support.

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