Silvia Mah Angel Investor

A Prolific Angel Investor Who Tackles Her Own Investor Biases in Innovated Ways

By Robert Steven Kramarz / February 18, 2022

  What follows is the transcript of my recent video interview with Silvia Mah, PhD, a prolific Angel investor focusing on women-led companies and diverse founding teams.  As you’ll hear, like with my investing practice, Silvia is not doing this to be “correct” but because it works as an investment thesis. I hope this excites […]

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Elon Musk

Elon Musk Thinks Your Company Should Fail. Let’s Prove Him Wrong!

By Robert Steven Kramarz / January 5, 2022

Question:  After a bunch of calls/meetings with investors, why am I still hearing “No” and “Too early”?  Why does it seem to take dozens or hundreds of calls with investors? How many calls/meetings will it take to meet the right investor?  How can I reduce the number of calls/meetings needed to find the right investor? […]

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Born with Every Disadvantage One Needs to Succeed – When Anger Works

By Robert Donnell / October 19, 2021

Sports can teach us a lot about raising capital.  That statement is unconventional like all of my posts.  Remember, as an entrepreneur raising capital, if you do what everyone else does, you’ll get the same results as everyone else does which is not much.  So pay attention. Meet Jim Abbot.  He was born without a […]

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Vision Mastery in Action - Jericho

Vision Mastery in Action – The Jericho Center – 3 Surprising Lessons

By Robert Steven Kramarz / September 28, 2021

This post covers a little-used yet very effective method of increasing funding for small yet high-impact ventures.  The secret is combining funding from both non-profit donors and for-profit investors.  This of course applies only to impact-driven ventures and only at early stages. The mystery is, exactly how do you do this while remaining both legal […]

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pitching myths

Three Pitching Myths That Kill Investor Interest

By Robert Steven Kramarz / September 13, 2021

With investors, the Rule of Three can make or break your funding. Passion. Product. Team. But there is a fourth element to that equation. Entrepreneurs tend to think pitching should embody one or even all three of those elements. But they would be wrong as they don’t understand myths that kill investor interest. There are […]

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How Keep Investors Happy When Pivoting

How to Keep Investors Happy When Pivoting – A Four-Point Guide

By Robert Steven Kramarz / August 22, 2021

#1 How to align with investors when pivoting Building a profitable venture is hard for many entrepreneurs, even with a top-notch product or service. From raising funds and putting together a winning team to converting that first prospect into revenue, turning any idea into a business is a scary deal. So, when that first idea […]

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Sandberg facebook hero

Sheryl Sandberg’s Message to Vision Masters about Startup Valuation

By Robert Steven Kramarz / July 27, 2021

Sheryl Sandberg is the Chief Operations Officer (COO) of Facebook, and her unique form of leadership is a vital part of the story of the social media company’s success. She obtained her master’s degree in Business Administration from Harvard Business School. She also earned a Bachelor of Art & Science from Harvard University. Both she […]

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definition business pivot

Definition of a Business Pivot for Vision Masters

By Robert Steven Kramarz / July 13, 2021

The word “pivot” is standard language in the world of startups and Vision Masters. In the dictionary, it means to turn in place while fixed to a pin or shaft. In business, it means to turn sharply without changing position and thereby not giving up any advantages. It’s a common word in the business world […]

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Delegate but Inspect

Interview with Lucas Root – Execution Master and Guide

By Robert Steven Kramarz / May 13, 2021

Delegate But Inspect Robert Steven Kramarz If your business is in growth mode or committed to growing, it’s critical to have a strategic execution plan and someone on your team that has the ability to execute in their DNA. The Vision Master and Intelliversity Guide we are interviewing today has that “Execution Gene” and more. […]

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Brilliance Extraction – An Interview with Dr. Stephie Althouse

By Robert Steven Kramarz / May 10, 2021

  Today’s interview and podcast is with an extraordinarily talented business accelerator and guide. Dr. Stephie’s unique and highly effective approach to business success allows businesses to flourish and people to release their inner genius. You can see why we are excited to talk with her today and share some of her brilliance. And speaking […]

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