Beyond Meat burger

Where’s the Beef? – 4 Ways to Succeed When it Looks Like You Shouldn’t

By Robert Steven Kramarz / May 7, 2019

I love a good mystery. I’m the guy who usually figures out the plot to the movie halfway through. Honestly, it’s fun but also a little disappointing to solve the plot too early in the film. That’s why I love a plot that stumps me right up to the end. Today I’d like us to have […]

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Agile management

5 Core Principles of Agile Company Growth and Funding – Life Hacks for Vision Masters #5

By Robert Steven Kramarz / April 30, 2019

The other day I was observing a group of ants efficiently pursuing their objectives on a foraging mission in my new garden. When a barrier emerged, such as a small pool of water, they’d explore its edges, quickly huddle, seek a path around the water, communicate to the foraging troops, then move on toward the […]

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Five Winning Ideas From Vision Master and Soon-to-be-Billionaire Melanie Perkins

By Robert Steven Kramarz / April 17, 2019

A Research Report for Vision Masters from Intelliversity We’ve all heard the old saying “never judge a book by its’ cover.” But we do just that a lot of the time, don’t we? Often, we judge ourselves most harshly. We judge ourselves for not being perfect, not living up to our own or others’ expectations. […]

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Unconventional Many Hats

5 Ways to be Unconventional & Win – Life Hacks for Vision Masters #4

By Robert Steven Kramarz / April 8, 2019

Being conventional produces conventional results. If you are following a recipe to cook your dinner, being conventional is a good idea. Do what the recipe says, get the familiar result that your palate expects. But conventionality in the world of growing innovative young companies is a dangerous habit to develop. In fact, following convention may […]

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Sara Blakely Spanx

Get Spanxed & Win – Profiles in Vision Mastery #4

By Robert Steven Kramarz / March 29, 2019

Victor Hugo famously wrote that “nothing is more powerful than an idea whose time has come.” But what if the idea is yours. How do you know when it’s time has come? Where do you look for proof? Do you wait to go to market until the world agrees with you until your idea is […]

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How Champions are Made – Life Hacks for Vision Masters #3

By Robert Steven Kramarz / March 25, 2019

You’ve doubtless heard of the old saying that a team is only as good as its weakest link. “I won the championship by myself”, said no one ever. I was thinking about that this week as the NCAA basketball tournament kicked off with 64 men’s teams as well as 64 women teams battling for national […]

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Melinda Richter

A Shaker and Mover You Never Heard of: How to get on the “Richter” Scale

By Robert Steven Kramarz / March 19, 2019

Melinda Richter may take no for an answer sometimes, but you’d better have a good reason. Ms. Richter heads Johnson & Johnson Innovation Labs (JLABS) a unique incubator for medical technology startups that provides “large company” resources, including funding, to boost the success rate of fledgling companies. JLABS boasts an incredible 80% success rate — […]

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Be An Action Hero – Vision Mastery: 5 Disciplines and 3 Steps

By Robert Steven Kramarz / March 13, 2019

Hack #2 in our series – 5 Disciplines and 3 Steps to Vision Mastery   Life would be simple (maybe) if we were all Lara Croft or James Bond. We’d know the correct temperature for chilling fine champagne. We’d know the caliber and spin rate of every handgun. We’d always win at cards. We’d always […]

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Vision Master or Entertainment Master or Both?

By Robert Steven Kramarz / March 4, 2019

  Suppose you’re a girl of African ancestry born in the deep South in the 1950s. Your family is poor and rural. You’re the daughter of an unmarried teenage mother.  Shortly after your birth, your parents split up.  You live with your grandmother, then your mom, then your dad. As a young woman, you’re repeatedly […]

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Vision Master hacks #1 by Intelliversity

Life Hacks for Vision Master CEOs, Presidents and Founders #1: Pursue Excellence or Passion?

By Robert Steven Kramarz / February 22, 2019

Life Hack categories we will explore: Personal Career Leadership —————————– For a long time now conventional wisdom has advised that in matters of career choice one should pursue what enjoys doing most. The idea is that 1) work won’t seem quite so much like work if you’re doing what you enjoy most, and 2) you’ll […]

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